Open Road

Open Road is a registered charity that provides support for individuals affected by drugs and alcohol across Essex and Suffolk. It also works with the Norfolk & Suffolk Community Rehabilitation Company.   

The charity's mission is to empower individuals, families and communities in their journey of recovery from the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and other addictions. Open Road is a leading provider of drug and alcohol services in the East of England.  

In 2015, Open Road celebrated 25 years of delivering high-quality services to enable individuals and families to recover from the harmful impact of drugs and alcohol.

Sailors' Society

Sailors' Society provides a personal lifeline for merchant seafarers on board ship and when they step ashore in port. 

Founded in 1818, Sailors’ Society is a not-for-profit Christian Society associated with all the free churches although it remains independent. 

As part of its round-the-clock mission, thecharity provides a wide spectrum of support services – chaplaincy, spiritual guidance and counsel, provision of welfare support to seafarers and their families, assistance with continuing maritime education and, when in dire need, financial help.

Help izzy walk

Izzy is a bright, happy, cheeky 5-year-old girl, who loves to sing and dance. She's a pupil at St. Columb Major Academy. Izzy is one of identical twins and she has Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia. This means she suffers from pain and also has difficulty with leg movements, coordination and balance. Because of her condition, Izzy cannot walk or even stand unaided. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a life changing complex spinal operation, the only surgical procedure that permanently reduces or eliminates stiffness and spasticity in the legs. Izzy's parents are fundraising through Just4Children, a registered charity (no.1164473). We support her and we hope you will too.

Go to Izzy's just giving page for information on how you
can help.