Innovation is the product of creative thinking, and it is in this domain that we excel.

We have a very diverse group of people in our business who often think differently about things. 

Our culture celebrates this at every opportunity, and we recognise that this is what contributes to the idea process. Everyone has an equal voice.

We operate with a linear organisational structure and we try to avoid too many formal procedures in favour of flexibility and choice. Working from home some days or working in the park others is acceptable normal practice for us. It matters little when the undercurrent of our business is focused on exceptional results.

The management team at Alexony is focused on recognising individual and team achievements and doing what they can to help others succeed to the best of their ability.

If you think this culture and environment may suit you, we are always looking for talented, creative people so drop us a line or just stop in for coffee!



Operating sustainably is fundamental to our business and influences all aspects of our work.  From beach cleans and cycle to work schemes through to sustainable sourcing with our suppliers.


Where We Work

We pride ourselves on our creative and comfortable work environment; an eclectic mix of old and new.


Charities We Support

Giving isn't a business transaction. It's a human connection.  We feel a responsibility to causes close to our business.  Did you know charitable giving is contagious?


Awards & Recognitions

Our awards are testimony to our CREATIVE approach to our business operations; from Investors In People Silver through to Corporate Social Responsibility.